For the Home

Hate those ugly hand sanitizer bottles sitting around???  Well, here is a way to keep them handy without being an absolute eye sore!!IMG_7479

Tall Vase The vase I used is 10″ tall and approximately 5″ wide.

Hand Sanitizer This size vase will hold a 30 ounce bottle of Germ X

Glass Rocks These come in all different shapes and colors!

Step One:

Put a few glass rocks in the bottom of your vase so that the spout of the hand sanitizer is high enough over the mouth of the vase to press down easily!


Step Two:

Put the bottle of hand sanitizer in the middle of the vase and start adding the glass rocks to the vase.  Be sure to keep the sanitizer straight as you add the beads.


Step Three:

Fill the vase with the glass beads until the bottle is completely covered and set it in a convenient spot for people to use!

Tip: If you are planning to do this in the classroom, I would find an acrylic/plastic vase instead!


Happy Sanitizing!!!