MINI Decimal Garbage Game

Today, we played one of my new math game creations!!  I never know if my games will go over well until we try, but this one was a hit!! 

Cards Available HERE

My students love the game garbage (some call it trash), but I wanted to make it more meaningful for 4th grade, so I turned it into the MINI Decimal Garbage Game! 

This is a very simple game that can be played individual, partner, or small group of no more than four. 

Instructions: Dealer deals out 10 cards face down to each player.  The remaining cards go in a stack in the middle.  All players line their cards up in two rows of five.

The dealer goes first and draws one card.  That card will be placed in the correct position on the row.  The sequence is .1-1.00.  See picture for more details.

The dealer continues to play until he/she can no longer place a card.  That card is discarded next to the stack face-up.  The next player has the option of taking the discarded card or drawing one.  Then he/she continues to place the cards in the correct sequence until he/she can’t anymore.  This continues until the first player to have all 10 cards flipped over in the correct sequence wins.

One of many ways the board can look when finished

I made this super small because we are very limited on copies at my school. I also wanted to make them the exact size of these mini containers. You can sometimes find these at Dollar Tree, but they are also on Amazon.  Here is the direct link if you want to purchase some for yourself.

There are only four pages to print on cardstock with a label for the mini container lid.  I printed 4 sets for my class, and this allows up to 16 kids to play at a time!

Please let me know if you have any questions!  Here is the link to the mini cards if you would like your kiddos to play!

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