Classroom Jobs Board

I love a clean classroom!!!  From the first week of school, I teach my students that it is OUR responsibility to take care of OUR classroom and keep it organized and clean each day!  This is the board I made to keep it all organized and functioning throughout the school year!!

Supplies needed to make a board just like this! 26

22 x 28 Poster Board Frame with Plexi-Glass Front

22 x 28 Poster Board

Library Pockets

Craft sticks

Rubber Cement or Hot Glue


Stick Glue


Step One:

Take pictures of all the jobs you will have in the classroom, print them, and cut them out! I always make 24 jobs, as this is my limit of students I can have in my room each year!  Even if I don’t have 24 students at the beginning, chances are I will by the end.  I only like to do things once, so this is why I go ahead and make them all at the beginning.  Below are the pictures I use for each job!

jobs together

 Step Two:

Glue all the jobs onto the library pockets using stick glue! Make sure to glue all the little parts down so you won’t have a problem on the next step!

Step Three:

Run these through the laminator!!  I made the mistake of not laminating them last year and now you see, I am making a new board already!!  You do not have to take the little strips off the backs of the pockets before laminating.  In fact, it’s better if you don’t so they don’t get stuck in the laminator machine!  Cut them all out and then carefully run a pair of scissors over the edge like the picture shows to open up the pocket.  Don’t push too hard or you will rip or cut through the pocket!  You can also use an xacto knife, but be very careful not to push to hard or you will cut the whole top off the pocket!

Step Four:

Add the poster board to the frame and put the frame edges back on!  Leave the plexi-glass off….the pockets do not stick well to the plastic.  Start arranging the library pockets (jobs) in the order that you want them to be in.  I always move the jobs left to right across the board.  Be mindful not to put the same job back to back…spread them out!  Then, you can use rubber cement or hot glue to attach them to the board.  I like rubber cement because it takes longer to dry and I can move the cards if they are not straight! However, you will have to wait to hang it up on the wall longer so that it is completely dry!  Hot glue is pretty quick, but doesn’t have a lot of room for error. Upside, you can hang your board on the wall  immediately after you’re finished!

Step Five:

Find a great spot in your room to hang up the job board.  When my new students arrive this year, I will take a picture of their faces, cut them out, laminate them, and then glue them onto the craft sticks.  I love to use pictures for everything because then there is no question about who is supposed to be where at all times.  They can’t argue with their own face! 🙂  26

Happy Cleaning!!


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One thought on “Classroom Jobs Board

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your Job Frame! I have 40 students so I’ll make it with 10 jobs to rotate (We have 4 groups of ten that we call the “Top 10’s” which I can also breaks down to the 10 groups of 4, our “Fab Fours”) Anyhow, thanks for the great idea, I love the clean loo
    k of all of your organization!


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