Protractors, Protractors, Protractors!

Today, we reviewed all that we have been working on so far in our protractor unit. This is one of my favorite units to teach and most of my students really enjoy it because it's very hands-on. To start the review, I presented a short mini lesson by displaying slides with a few different protractor … Continue reading Protractors, Protractors, Protractors!

Alternative to Worksheets!

Super simply and a great alternative to standard practice worksheets! Simple draw your "bunny," write in four random numbers in the boxes, and start adding! You will add diagonally and put the answer in the ears, across to the arms, down to the legs, and all the way around to the tail! Addition Bunny … Continue reading Alternative to Worksheets!

MINI Decimal Garbage Game

Today, we played one of my new math game creations!!  I never know if my games will go over well until we try, but this one was a hit!!  Cards Available HERE My students love the game garbage (some call it trash), but I wanted to make it more meaningful for 4th grade, so I … Continue reading MINI Decimal Garbage Game

Concrete Model Decimal Match Up Lesson

PowerPoint and Printables for this Lesson HERE Today, my students worked on matching up concrete models to decimals and relating it to expanded notation.  Making the connections that they are all related can be difficult to understand.  Thankfully, I heard a bunch of my kiddos say, “Now I get it!” as I was walking around … Continue reading Concrete Model Decimal Match Up Lesson

10 Ways to Keep Your Classroom Organized

If you have followed me log enough, you know I am obsessed with being organized! It's a blessing and a curse at the same time!!  I feel like this is what keeps me grounded and able to function as a teacher!  Since I am new to blogging, I thought I would start with the things … Continue reading 10 Ways to Keep Your Classroom Organized

Teacher Tips and Hacks

I am always looking for new ways to organize items in my house and in my classroom.  I find it even more exciting when I am able to turn something that might not seem like much use, into something very useful. AND if it's free...that's even better!!  Never feel bad about asking parents, neighbors, and … Continue reading Teacher Tips and Hacks